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David Browning played the trumpet on the original recording of the theme, and was given the choice of either a royalty payment for each use of the theme on television, or a one-off payment at the time of recording, with Spear opting for the latter.

Casting and design preparation took place over September and October.

On monitors placed around the Granada building, a lunchtime screening of the dry run took place for all staff, who then filled in questionnaires giving their views on what they had seen.

As the titular street would have been built at the turn of the century, "Coronation" and "Jubilee" were shortlisted by Latham, Elton and Kershaw, with the former being selected, referring to King Edward VII's 1902 coronation.Albert Tatlock was added to the line-up when a Granada executive asked for someone of "age, charm and dignity".The "street" began its life indoors, with drawn-on cobbles, in Studio 2 at Granada's Quay Street studios in Manchester.To gain inspiration for the look of the street, set designer Denis Parkin visited the backstreets of Salford, ending up in Archie Street in Ordsall which was filmed for the programme's title sequence.There were notable differences between Coronation and Archie Street, such as the lack of a pub and the row consisting of nine houses instead of seven, but these were not apparent in the sequence shot.

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The purpose of Florizel Street is to examine a community of this nature and, in doing so, entertain".